SuperGloss Car Coating Spray

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Protect & Restore Your Car IntoThe Brand NewLook!

With our SuperGloss Car Coating Spray. you never have to wax your car again to have the stunning shiny gloss finish and restore brightness!Itis acar paint sealantthatprovides your car paint with aprotectiveceramiccoatingthat will keep itsafe from scratches. bird drops. stone chips. iron powder.andUV light fading. With the use of9h nano-coating technologythat will provide you with unique durability. thepaint sealant ishydrophobic and stainproofwith long-lasting protection.stayingflawlessand keeping your carclean for longer. Besidesapplying easilyon your car’s exterior. it basically perfectlyworks on everything. includingwheels. chrome. paint. metal. plastic. rubber. leather. engine. and evencarpet.


  • Long-lasting Protective Coat:High-performance coating toprotectyour car from scratches. bird drops. stone chips. iron powder. and UV light fading.
  • Flawless Look:Leaves a stunning shiny gloss finish for impressive results withoutwaxing your ride ever again.
  • 9h Nano Coating Technology:Easy-release and non-stick coating technology to significantly reduce weathering. dirt & debris build-up. keeping your car clean for longer.
  • Hydrophobic & Stainproof:It provides a superior depth of shine by combating corrosion and damages fromhigh temperatures. outdoor exposure. dust. acid rain. etc.
  • Easy to Use:Simple two-step application; simply spray & swipe toglossy surfaces thatlook like glass.
  • Clear Formula:Water-based. no unsightly white wax residue left behind.
  • 100% Non-toxic & Grease-free:Provides a protective coatand leaves a non-greasy.shiny finish with no odor that lasts for ~3 months.
  • Multi-surface:Restoresleather. vinyl. plastic. and other surfaces tolike new.
  • Versatile Use:Perfectly works on everything except your car. including wheels. chrome. paint. metal. plastic. rubber. leather. engine. and even carpet.


  • Cleans off dirt and stains on the surface of your car and dry it with a towel.
  • Directly spray the cleaner on the desired area.
  • Use a towel or sponge to wipe evenly until the surface is bright and smooth.
  • Enjoy the stunning shiny gloss finish!


  • Net Weight: 100ml


  • 1 xSuperGloss Car Coating Spray


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